Nurses Supporting Nurses is a community for nurses, nursing students, advanced practice nurses, and CNAs from all specialties to find support, community, and inspiration. Our focus in on self care, mental health, and education. Please look around to see what resources we have to help you in your journey. 

Welcome! We are thankful you are here. 

Support Groups

We offer online support groups, a place to come as you are in a safe and healing place. The facilitator will hold space for you and your peers and empower you with the experience of being heard. Sharing your story with the nursing community helps you process the experience and trauma of working in healthcare- both during and before the pandemic. Our support groups are one hour sessions, occurring weekly on Google Meet. We would love to have you join us.

NSN Resources

Free learning courses, blog post, and more are available to help you on your journey- both professionally and personally. 

Shift Support Podcast

Publishing 3 episodes, each 20 minutes or less, every week for you to listen while you get ready or on your commute for your next shift, class, or clinical. We discuss self care, mental health, nursing, healthcare and more. The NSN Shift Support Podcast is here to support you!

Self Care Newsletter

Our NSN Self Care Newsletter is a monthly email filled with self care, support, and encouragement. Join for inspiration and to stay up to date on NSN wellness and education offerings.

Megan Culbertson BSN, RN

Founder of Nurses Supporting Nurses

In May 2020, I accepted a travel nurse contract and left for Washington, D.C. to work as a Covid RN. The past two years I have worked along side many nurses, CNAs, NPs, and other members of the health care team, and I have seen their pain, burn out, trauma, and frustration. I felt a call to help create a space for nurses to receive nursing care- to be heard and heal. What started with a support group is now turning into a community. Please join me as we work to heal and become more whole and healthy people and nurses.

Thank you for being here, it is an honor to work to heal the healers. Sending you love & light on your journey.